“Hello World”. This is my First Blog Post in my First Official Website exclusively for TECH. This Blog Post will teach you ” How to Create your Own Password Protected WinRAR File”. There is no WinRAR Files, but it is WinRAR created Files. WinRAR created Files are in .zip, .tar, .rar file formats(extensions). WinRAR can encrypt files using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 256-bit key. This ultimately make us to create Password Protected Files.


  • Choose 32 or 64 bit version according to your Windows PC. Find whether your Windows PC is 32 or 64 bit.
  • Download and Install it.
  • After Installation, Right Click on any files or Folder and Select “Add to archive”.
  • Then Click “Set password” button.
  • Now enter the Password Phrase you like.
  • Click OK and in Main Window Click OK again.
  • Now WinRAR file with same file name will be created in same location.
  • If you try to Open the file inside the WinRAR file, it will prompt you Password.
  • Remember, If you forget your Password, there is no Recovery Tools to recover the files.  Good thing is there is no limitations in password entering attempt for WinRAR files.
  • For Video Tutorial

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